Take Time to Look After Your Well Being With an Age Old Alternative Treatment

I am not sure about you, but I am always being told to slow down, take a break and take time to look after my well-being – to listen to what my body is telling me and take a step back from the increasingly fast paced life that we find ourselves living in. Honestly, I should probably take heed of this advice I frequently find coming in my direction as there must be a reason why many different people tell me the same thing, and when I think about it, I am constantly busy and in a state of what could be viewed as tension, or stress. I do tend to live life full on and ‘full steam ahead’ as some say – I actually find it difficult not to when I am living in Bangkok which, if you have ever been here, you will almost certainly agree, is a city that in itself if ‘full-on’ – it never seems to go to sleep and noise pollution is a phrase that can certainly be applied to most parts of this city, 90% of the time. Especially where I have found myself living is where the city is currently making ready to be its new business district, so new buildings of great heights seem to be flying up almost every other week (this might sound like a complete exaggeration, but I kid you not – this is happening). So everywhere I look I can see building sites and cranes that are almost always in motion, the work never stops. Then there is the added detail that I registered a company here roughly 4 years ago, that I have been steadily developing and growing with the help of my two business partners – each year becoming more busy, with more responsibilities and more of a variety of tasks to complete within consistent monthly delivery dates.So with all of this in mind, actually it is little wonder why my close friends and families and even my co-workers are often giving me advice to actually take a look at myself in the mirror and forget everything else for a little while to reflect on my own wellbeing – ensure that I am not doing myself some damage now that will in the near or not too distant future have a crippling effect and put a big dampener and everything that has been achieved. Whenever I am receiving these recommendations and advice, something that comes up time and time again and certainly the most frequently mentioned cause of action is to seek out advice from a practitioner of some type of alternative medicine, get some natural treatment and allow them to carry out some of their practiced and age-old methods for analyzing and investigating my body and determine just how good a state it is in at this moment in time. As I am in South East Asia, I am in a good location to seek out this kind of medicine or alternative treatments, therapies and or packages. One of these trusted types of alternative medicines that I have taken quite a liking to, has to be the 1000′s of year old method of Ayurveda – where the practitioner has trained extensively in listening and treating the body with what it is asking for to achieve a healthy and complete balance of the elements – earth, fire, wind & water.Where Ayurveda Originated and How It Is Applied to Help Rejuvenate & Re-Balance the PatientAyurvedic medicinal practices originated roughly 3000 years ago in India and have evolved gradually over the years, remaining at the heart of ancient Indian culture. The practice also known as Ayurveda; ayur – meaning ‘life’ and veda meaning ‘knowledge’ came from the great Rishis or Seers of and ancient India when they sought to find an understanding of the creation and physiology of the human body. They began by ways of deep meditation and thorough spiritual studies to analyse and understand the fundamentals of life, that they then organised into an elaborate system to compile India’s philosophical and spiritual texts, called Veda of knowledge. Ayurveda is actually probably the world’s oldest know practice of treating the human body and re-establishing true wellbeing. It was first recorded in the Veda which is the world’s most ancient known literature and the practice has been passed down the generations orally from teacher to student, and to this day the way of treating different impurities and imperfections found within a person’s body has for the most part remained in-tact and the same. This information alone captivates me and leads me towards believing that this would be the alternative medicine for me – if it has lasted for this long then surely it has been proven to achieve great results and surely it can do me wonders, perhaps increasing my daily energy levels and state of true happiness.I have also in the past had an introduction into another Eastern Medicine, however that was one that originated in China and involved needled being inserted into pressure points across my entire body. If you have not guessed already, I am referring to acupuncture, and even though it is also a way of treating the body that has lasted the times, coming from thousands of years ago, it really was not for me. I found the feeling and even the thought of having needles poking into different parts of my body very uncomfortable and didn’t react too well to the treatment – perhaps because of not being able to properly relax while being treated as I have always had a slight fear of needles and wince at the point of insertion. So it is Ayurveda for me and after doing my research, I would recommend it for any of you who are suffering from any kind of illness or unbalanced state of being. Especially if you have already tried various Western medicines that perhaps didn’t properly cure you from your unwell state. Why not try a medicine that has been around on this globe longer than anything else I can think of.

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